The Holiday Huddle

Helping You Make Meaningful Memories While Staying Sane This Season
October 23, 2019

Family, friends and food—some of the best memories happen when we gather over the holidays. In the midst of these busy months, it may seem hard to find an opportunity to slow down. However, we encourage you to be intentional and carve out some time for these special moments, whether it is with family, friends or even yourself. Take a look and see if you can incorporate any of the ideas below into your schedule. Be sure to take a few photos for the memories, then put your devices away and focus on connecting with each other. Who knows, you may even start some new traditions!


Host dinner or plan a potluck! Bring together friends from your different social circles: work, church, gym, etc. These types of gatherings help people build organic relationships and may allow some of your church friends and non-church friends to get acquainted. Have activities for kids like holiday crafts or building a gingerbread house, and even plan some activities for adults like creative thankfulness lists or scavenger hunts.

Family Tree

As relatives come into town, it may be a great chance to create or update a family tree diagram. This is a good activity for both small and large groups, and it can be as detailed or simple as you desire. Think of stories about those who are no longer with you and share with younger family members who may not have had a chance to know them. Plan ahead and have the out-of-towners bring old photos to add to the mix.

Charity Events

Community-oriented charity events are plentiful around the holidays. Churches, schools and civic organizations often coordinate activities like food, clothing or Christmas present drives. If more active participation is your cup of tea, consider joining a local 5k or 10k walk/run or an obstacle course race with added elements like mud, powdered color or even tasty treats at the finish line. Make time to step away from the holiday frenzy and do something fun while raising money or benefiting others.

Prompt Journal

Finding a quiet moment to sit and reflect may be exactly what you need during the busy festive season. Whether you want to take a moment for yourself or spend a few minutes chatting intimately with a loved one, a prompt journal may be perfect. Prompt journals are notebooks filled with writing prompts to help you record memories and keep track of significant milestones. There are journals for parents to write in for their children, spouses to share their love story, travellers to recount their adventures and more!

By Kristina Pascual Busch, Southwestern Union Associate Communication Director and Record Managing Editor