There Shall Be One Fold

Baptist Pastor and Daughter Join Shiloh Church
May 7, 2020

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. – God is doing great things at the Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe in the power of building relationships and have made it our business to be a beacon of hope. 

On Feb. 29, we had the privilege of extending fellowship to Beatrice Jenkins, who was the pastor of the Arkansas Worship Center, and her daughter, Armani Jenkins. They were accepted by profession of faith. “Pastor B,” as she is called, comes from a family of pastors. When she made the decision to join the church, she stated that a weight was lifted from her shoulders. Since that time God has been blessing her tremendously. Beatrice and Armani are not only excellent preachers but renowned musicians. 

Beatrice has transformed her church into an outreach ministry under the Shiloh church that reaches and teaches people about the truth of the Sabbath. Pray for us as we begin the process of incorporating about 30 new members from the Arkansas Worship Center of Faith, which has since been renamed Arkansas Outreach Center.

By Kerwin Jones, Pastor