Together As One: Todos Unidos

December 14, 2022

ALVARADO, TEX. – “J17:21, Together As One: Todos Unidos,” has been the prayer ministries focus for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since 2022, so it only seemed natural to continue it for the Quadrennial Constituency Session theme.

The Texas Conference is one of the few conferences in the North American Division (NAD) that gathers church delegates together every two years to conduct business for the conference with elections held every four years.

In between Quadrennial Constituency meetings, the Texas Conference executive committee, elected every four years, acts on behalf of the constituents (members voted into a Texas Conference church) to elect or remove for cause persons elected at a constituency meeting including conference executive officers, vice presidents, department/services directors, members of boards and committees whose election or appointment is a result of a constituency meeting or executive committee meeting action and to fill, for the remaining portion of the term, any vacancies thus created. They also vote on conference business-related items. 

Since delegates are chosen by their respective churches as the Texas Conference membership grows, so does the number of delegates attending each session. The large delegate size limits the places we can hold the sessions. We no longer fit in any of the Texas Conference churches. Plus, we need a place that can accommodate us for lunch with a room for the nominating committee to meet, when necessary. Information about regular and at-large delegates will be shared in the March/April 2023 issue of the Record.

“We are a wonderfully diverse conference, mission-minded and dedicated, as John 17:21 reminds us, to be Together As One: Todos Unidos,” Elton DeMoraes, Texas Conference president, said. “As our membership has grown, we have become the third-largest conference in the NAD, a division of the General Conference. We give thanks to God and our dedicated members for this blessing as we continue sharing His love with others.”

The Texas Conference town hall meetings conducted this past fall gave Texas Conference church members an opportunity to celebrate God’s goodness as well as discuss any concerns going forward. Questions can always be emailed to

Please keep the Quadrennial Constituency Session in your prayers as we work to bring God glory and honor and conduct His business in the Texas Conference.

By David Montoya