Total Member Involvement

Texas Conference Members Learn to Share Their Faith
April 18, 2019

ALVARADO, TEX. – “Start Something New…to Win Souls” was the theme for the 2019 Total Member Involvement (TMI) Evangelism Training events held in eight different locations around the Texas Conference each Sabbath afternoon from January 12 - March 2. In addition to two general sessions, there were 15 breakout seminars in English and Spanish, all focused on one mission: to encourage members to Start Something New… to Win Souls (either at home or abroad). The breakout seminars included Adventist Community Services, Child Evangelism, Family Ministries, Global Mission, Health Evangelism, Literature Evangelism, Personal Ministries, Sabbath School and Youth Evangelism.

At the final training event, March 2, 2019, in McAllen, Tex., 88-year-old Lillian Gonzalez was interviewed. She has been giving Bible studies and winning souls for more than four decades. Though starting her life in poverty with a limited education, she is recognized for her soul-winning wisdom by hundreds of people who have been baptized through her humble, faithful efforts. We pray the Lord will raise up many more like Lillian who will start something— Bible studies, small groups, mission trips, Adventist work in new communities —to win souls for Jesus. Soon, He will return and we will have the joy of seeing His face and the faces of those we led to Him. Find more information about evangelism at

Article and photos by Dan Serns, English Evangelism Director