Touching a Community

Church Members Focus on Sharing Jesus in Benbrook
October 24, 2019

BENBROOK, TEX. – The city of Benbrook, Tex., with a population of 23,590, had never had a chance to hear or see the Seventh-day Adventist message. That all changed in July 2018.

A group of people from the Crowley and Fort Worth First Seventh-day Adventist churches made a commitment to do whatever possible to establish a permanent Adventist presence in Benbrook.

Sabbath afternoons were spent in prayer caravans, stopping to pray at key locations throughout the community. Doors were knocked on and Bible study guides offered. A Bible worker continued the door knocking, asking who was interested in learning more about the Bible. An Anxiety and Depression Recovery seminar was also offered.

With enough interest, a location was rented for health presentations and Bible prophecy meetings. A Bible study group began in every home interested.

The group started a Facebook page ( and added the location on Google maps.

In August 2019, the small team (mission group) was officially recognized by the Texas Conference as an organized company. Their next goal is to become an organized church.

God brought together a wonderful and growing group of believers. About a third were active Adventists elsewhere. Another third were inactive Adventists who are now plugged in and learning to lead. The other third are brand new Adventists or pre-Adventists. All are involved in the mission to share Jesus with those in Benbrook.

Article and photos by Dan Serns, English Evangelism Director