Tulsa Adventist Academy Week of Prayer
July 19, 2020

TULSA, OKLA. – Tulsa Adventist Academy's theme this school year is “transformation,” and little did the teachers and students know how transforming the year would be! Even though we are not meeting at school, teachers have been using Zoom and other ways to connect with students each day. Larry Seery, high school math teacher and TAA worship leader, worked tirelessly to have a week of prayer accessible to everyone. Due to coronavirus COVID-19 restrictions, only a few students met with a few teachers each day at Adventist Fellowship to lead a song service, operate a  camera (a first for most students), share a challenge, participate in a skit and then hear Nic Coutet’s messages of encouragement.

Each day, teachers shared challenges: “Getting up” (Who can we trust); “Standing again” (How to trust in God); “Holding steady” (How to handle change); “Taking a step” (being willing to change); and “Moving forward” (Building motivation and momentum). 

The challenges were designed to get students to reach out via phone calls to relatives, outdoor activities, sending cards to people in nursing homes, posting their favorite scriptures around their homes and other methods of thinking of others and thinking of Jesus. Meaningful skits were performed by a mix of students and teachers and focused on trusting Jesus in our daily lives. 

Coutet captured students’ attention by inviting them to text questions and comments to a phone number so they could interact with him during his messages. The texts were anonymous so callers were able to share freely. His messages included his personal past away from God, and how to trust Him even though we sometimes don't want to. You'll have to watch the first episode to find out about that! He also addressed teen relationships, blind faith and other topics relevant to our youth.

The daily meetings were live-streamed on Adventist Fellowship’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel and viewers from all over the North American Division were invited to watch. If you'd like to watch them, look up TAA’s Transformation Week of Prayer on the Adventist Fellowship resources and be blessed! We especially thank the Adventist Fellowship church for providing a space, a sound person and camera person to assist TAA in preparing students for heaven and earth.

By Caroline A. Fisher