Transforming a Tragedy

Adventurer Teacher Loses Everything to Fire
October 17, 2018

ALVARADO, TEX. – It was a busy time for Linda Schweitzer and her daughter, Kayli Yeates, as they prepared for the 2017 Keene/Fort Worth Area Camporee. A teacher for the Alvarado Seventh-day Adventist Church Adventurer Club, Schweitzer discovered a fire in her home kitchen that would ultimately destroy the entire mobile home. Once the fire was out, Schweitzer was urged to go to the camporee.

Ashley Rasmussen, club director, contacted Adventurer Area Coordinator Lisandra Lleras and let her know what happened. Lleras shared with camporee attendees who prayed together with Schweitzer. During the entire weekend, Schweitzer says she had complete strangers offering her hugs, prayers, furniture, clothes and money. It was a wonderful experience, she remembers. Exactly what she needed. The blessings weren't over. This past July, the club presented Schweitzer with the earnings from their garage sale fundraiser. God allowed a tragedy to become a blessing in disguise.

By Bonnie Mattheus

Photo by Terrie Bayless