Treasury Training

What Do You Have in Your Hand?
May 7, 2020

HOUSTON – On Feb. 29, the Southwest Region Conference treasury team held its fourth of seven weekend training events titled “What Do You Have in Your Hand?” Although open to all, it was targeted towards local church treasurers and safety officers. 

Four members from the Conference office, including Treasurer/CFO Philip Palmer, addressed the local church treasurers. Philip spoke about policies and procedures, including the first essential steps for a new church treasurer. Associate Treasurer Maggie Moore discussed Risk Management and addressed the discontinuation of 15-passenger vans used by churches for transportation. 

Auditor Wilmarie Figueroa spoke about auditing procedures and how to prepare for an audit to ensure the process is successful. 

With local church treasurers trained and in position for a successful year, let’s continue to be faithful and do the work that our hands will find until we hear “Well done good and faithful servant.”

By Michael Johnson

Conference Accountant