Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Dedicates Studio

January 1, 2022

TULSA, OKLA. – On Sept. 18, 2021, the Adventist Fellowship Podcast Studio in Tulsa, Okla. was officially dedicated and opened. The studio contains state-of-the-art video and audio production equipment for podcasts, video and all online production. The table, chairs, sound-proofing material, microphones and many other components were donated by Terry Gobbo, a faithful member of Adventist Fellowship. The studio was dedicated on behalf of her mother, Barbara Harper. Terry exemplifies a commitment to seeing the gospel shared locally and globally. She stated that sharing the gospel was her mother’s heartbeat, and she would be blessed to see such an awesome endeavor completed in her honor. We thank God for members like Terry Gobbo and her family who are proactive and committed to ensuring that our church, Adventist Fellowship, has current equipment for sharing the gospel.

In addition, our Conference Executive Secretary Apple Park was invited to tour the studio. He was pleased and excited to see the awesome space and the technology being used for the gospel. Nic Coutet, Adventist Fellowship’s senior pastor, spoke about the extent that this studio will impact the community, the church and the world. Adventist Fellowship Project Manager Jackson Whitacre shared the importance of the vision for the studio. Kevin Mather prayed for the studio and the Harper-Gobbo family. There were many leaders and church family in attendance.

We want to thank the Gobbo family and all of the volunteers who assisted in—building the studio, installing equipment, and more.

We are excited to witness the production of upcoming podcasts from our youth, young adults, pastors, women’s ministry and a plethora of other ministries. We praise God for this opportunity and privilege to lift up the name of Jesus with excellence through modern technology.

By Karol Mosbey