Tulsa Spanish Pays Off Half Million Dollar Mortgage

March 1, 2022

TULSA – In 2017, the Tulsa Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church owed a $500,000 mortgage debt. At the time, Luis Prieto, pastor, came together with the church board and decided to create a plan to pay this debt called “Partner with God” by the end of 2021. It was an ambitious plan, but they put their trust in God and with great faith they moved forward with a big goal ahead of them.

In the first year, they were able to gather $150,000. Each year they would get closer to their goal. The church scheduled countless food sales and sport tournaments, and children received piggy banks to take home so they could also contribute. By the end of November 2021, the church’s debt totalled $55,000, which was an amount five times more than what they would normally gather in a month. The church decided to commit themselves and find ways to gather that amount by the end of the month. The plan motivated the church and on Dec. 11, the church received $41,000 in generous offerings and $25,000 in promises, surpassing their goal with $65,000 total. The church is overwhelmed with joy for they will be able to pay off the mortgage. Prieto says that the church is making plans to have a special ceremony to celebrate with the whole church. 

By Yesenia Ortega, Communication Admin. Assistant