Two Hearts, One Vision

January 1, 2022

ALVARADO, TEX. – We are excited to serve the Texas Conference as Women’s Ministries coordinators in our respective languages. With God’s guidance, we pray we can uplift the women in the Texas Conference and equip them to serve in their local churches and communities.

Some activities we will coordinate together. Other areas will be separate.

We shared below some of the ideas on our hearts for the coming year. We hope you will be able to join us for at least one event or activity and invite your family, friends and neighbors to join you.

For the Spanish events, we hope to provide opportunities for women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal through spiritual and social activities.

We will share updates and encouragement on our Facebook page: Ministerio de la Mujer de Texas.

It is so important to mentor our young women, teens and girls to help them find God’s purpose for their lives.

It is our prayer that we will create hundreds of women’s small group fellowships around the Texas Conference providing opportunities to reach each community with God’s loving grace. It would provide a tremendous evangelistic foundation.

It would also be wonderful to build a network among our women to learn gifts and strengths, so when we have activities and projects for the church and community, we have resources to utilize.

In 2022, we pray we will be able to resume our in-person annual retreat in addition to prayer breakfasts and virtual gatherings. ​

For the English events, follow our Facebook page:

We want to use this platform to feature some of our incredible women along with sharing regular news items and devotionals.

Prayer is so important to strengthening us spiritually. As women’s small groups grow around the Texas Conference, we pray some of those groups will be prayer groups focused on praying for the specific needs in each area.

One dream is to record a talk show, tentatively titled “Talk time with T-EA,” designed to discuss issues affecting the Christian home and how we can find spiritual solutions for our families.

We also hope to resume the in-person annual retreat as well as create virtual women’s evangelism endeavors to be viewed online in Texas and around the world.

Another item on our goal list is to offer updated training certifications that will include new ways of dealing with modern-day social issues like social media abuse and school bullying, divorce and using the media in a positive way in our churches and more.

As we learn of the different spiritual gifts, we would like to feature classes whether in-person or online focused on cooking, carpentry, gardening and country living skills.

Last, but by no means least, we would like to work with Texas Conference Adventist Community Services to assist women and their families displaced by natural disasters or job loss.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these … sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Matthew 25:40.

If you are the women’s ministries leader in your Texas Conference church, please email us to make sure we have your contact information.

Find more information on the Texas Conference Women’s Ministries website at

Together, we will make an eternal difference for the women in the Texas Conference and beyond.

By Nilda E. Diep, Spanish Women’s Ministries Volunteer Coordinator and Sandralee Mars, English Women’s Ministries Volunteer Coordinator