Unique Talents

Promoting Relationship with God
April 17, 2019

HOUSTON – We can look at Jesus’ life to learn more about what talents are distributed among us. During the last supper in Matthew 26, Jesus displayed some of the more obscure talents seen in our churches:

Hospitality. When a special time of the year came, the disciples knew to go to Jesus to ask Him how to make arrangements. Making a comfortable environment facilitates camaraderie. When people connect with each other, they learn to love like Christ loved. If others look to you for potlucks or special event coordination, rejoice! God has shown you how to make a suitable environment for Him to dwell with His people!

Education. Jesus uses an analogy to clarify the way to a healthy relationship with God. In studying to teach others, you will generally learn new things about God. Think back on a time where you helped teach the Sabbath School lesson or taught a class in one of the church clubs. Both the hearer and the educator grow in Christ!

Creativity. In one of Jesus’ last moments with His disciples, He delivers one of His most powerful, lasting examples of His role in salvation. Through something as common as bread and wine, He delivers a sermon that is preached many times over in churches all around the world. His creativity, in making this example, is evident in many members of our churches. If you are a creative person, remember: anything done with the Holy Spirit’s guidance—from a small flier, youth drama, building a set, even cooking something new—can have an impact as large as breaking bread did!

The next time you read through what Jesus did during His life on earth, scrutinize how He led people to the Father. The Holy Spirit may have given you one of these talents so you could do the same!

By Luis S. Castro