Video Series Wins Award

Team Receives Honorable Mention at Adventist Convention
December 5, 2019

KEENE, TEX. – Southwestern Adventist University’s marketing team was recently awarded with the Video: Web Honorable Mention award during the Society of Adventist Communicators 2019 awards banquet in Albuquerque, N.M. They were honored for their work in telling the story of Southwestern and its offerings through a series of videos.

The university’s departmental video series features a collection of 11 videos showcasing the academic opportunities that Southwestern Adventist University offers. This included its music, kinesiology, history and social sciences, business administration, mathematics and physical sciences, computer sciences, nursing, education and psychology, religion, English and biological sciences departments.

Exhibiting the all of the degree programs available to students, viewers experience how the university’s personalized and competitive degree programs allow students to explore their passion as they prepare for their career.

The videos highlight various aspects of the university programs, including its professor-to-student ratio of 1:12 and the fact that 100 percent of recent graduates in biology, computer science, math, education, English, music and theology are employed or in graduate school. Additionally, the university’s high NCLEX pass rate for nursing students; career options and opportunities for each degree; and how the university’s integration of faith and service into student daily life provides a framework for a life of service.

“Videos are an integral part of telling our story,” said Tim Kosaka, interim director of marketing and public relations. “This series showcases how our individually tailored academic opportunities integrate knowledge, faith and service while preparing students for a successful future.” The departmental video series was produced by Southwestern students and graduates. It was produced by Michael Demiar and written by Julena Allen with videography by Fern Isaleen Haylock-Youngberg, Eliangel Fermin and Princess Musick, with logistical support by Taylor Tucker.

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By Tim Kosaka, Interim Marketing and PR Director