Volunteers Assemble

Church Receives Roof Repair
February 26, 2019

SEMINOLE, OKLA. – Timothy Graves, head elder, was delighted to see how many volunteers came to help the Seminole Seventh-day Adventist Church repair its church roof on Nov. 4 and 5, 2018. The building had been collecting water on its flat roof and draining inside the sanctuary for a long time. Attempts were made to patch the hole, but the next rainstorm undid all efforts, so the church members were getting desperate.

Sunday, Nov. 4 began as a cool and sunny morning as the men gathered early to begin their challenging task. Members from six different churches joined the volunteer efforts in addition to Oklahoma Conference staff, which totaled 14 able-bodied workers. Praise God that during their work together, there were no injuries!

Thanks to God’s blessings and good planning, the roofing material had been delivered early  and the dumpster was in place to collect the old roof. Sam Hutchinson and his wife, Laura, brought food from Wewoka Woods Adventist Center to keep the workmen fed and energized. A special word of thanks to the roofing experts from the South Oklahoma City Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church who contributed their tools, skills, knowledge and manpower to make this endeavor a success. We are grateful and humbled by the efforts of sister churches and fellow members who came together to ensure we had a safe place to worship.

By Susan Castillo