Waldron Seventh-day Adventist Group Reaps Baptisms

October 27, 2022

WALDRON, ARK. – The Waldron Seventh-day Adventist Group is a church plant of the Booneville Seventh-day Adventist Church, under the pastorship of Ken Blundell. About a year ago the Waldron church board started planning an evangelistic meeting to be held at the Waldron Seventh-day Adventist Church. The board started planning this campaign in September of 2021 and began moving forward. 

It was quite an adventure during the process of getting things ready for these meetings. We had “Church in the Woods” which was hosted by Car-lera Farms and a campout over the weekend of Nov. 8, where 44 fellow believers and friends of members met for Sabbath church service. It was a blessing for all who attended. Then we really started with the planning of our evangelistic meetings for 2022.

We began with plant-based cooking classes, a health seminar and some sharing of literature with others in our community. We moved forward with our decision to do the evangelism meetings while waiting for God’s timing. We have been doing Bible studies, Friday night vespers, along with other things on Sabbaths.

We were able to get Jordan Moore from Amazing Facts to do our evangelistic meeting and it started on July 15 and ran through Aug. 6. We were blessed to be able to record these meetings on Zoom and Facebook under our church’s Facebook page. 

You can see the meetings archived on our pages @WaldronSDAChurch. Presently, we have had seven baptisms, five new members and two re-baptisms. We want to thank Ken Blundell, Jordan Moore and his wife Brittany Moore for their participation and support.

By Craig Carter