Week of Prayer

SWAU Professor Inspires Students with Adventist History
April 18, 2019

CLEBURNE, TEX. – Cleburne Adventist Christian School (CACS) was blessed to have a Week of Prayer with Michael Campbell, Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) associate professor of religion. The messages focused on developing a friendship with Jesus through encouraging stories of Seventh-day Adventist pioneers. Campbell shared about William Miller, Joseph Bates, Ellen G. White and a variety of other church founders that helped students understand how each of these leaders developed faith and friendship with Jesus by studying God's word for themselves. He also shared a number of historic items with the students, including a newspaper from 1844, some antique coins and a number of antique books from his personal collection. The students especially loved trying to hold up a very large Bible like the one that White held up when she was in vision. The week was capped off on Sabbath when the students shared some of their favorite memories of the week with the church congregation and sang special music during the Sabbath service.

CACS is a partner with the SWAU education department in helping to prepare student teachers for multi-grade classrooms. The schools also work together to give education majors testing and evaluation experience. CACS has been on field trips to the university, including the Hopps Museum, the Dinosaur Museum and the biology department.

We have been greatly blessed to have such wonderful resources and people so close at hand.

By Carla Simmons