Women Arise

Conference Women’s Leadership Convention
June 17, 2019

SAN MARCOS, TEX. – On April 5-7, 2019, Southwest Region Conference Women's Ministries had their Leadership Conference for both English and Spanish speaking leaders with a great turnout of 85 ladies of different ages ranging from 18-years-old on up. It was a weekend full of blessings starting with an uplifting worship service, followed with prayer and seminars.

On Friday evening, we welcomed our ladies with a lovely Agape Feast and enjoyed a spiritual awakening message as we savored a delicious meal.

We had dynamic, spiritual speakers throughout the weekend who encouraged us to serve the Lord and our ladies in an authentic way. We were equipped with a colorful notebook which included ministry resources, helpful handouts from presenters, tips and ideas for the ministry and our personal growth as a woman of God.

It was a relaxing yet motivating learning experience weekend where we had time to enjoy the hotel amenities, get to know each other, sing, laugh, cry, pray for one another and overall feel the presence of the Lord within our midst.

It was definitely an enjoyable, learning, worthwhile experience and we are looking forward to the next. We are grateful to all who had a part in making this happen and praying that the Lord will continue to guide and bless our Women's Ministries.

By Ana Acosta, Hispanic Women’s Ministries Coordinator