Women’s Ministries Prepares Young Women for the Palace

April 10, 2024

CLIFTON, TEX. – “All of this for me?” one young woman excitedly exclaimed as she strutted up the red carpet. Set with a castle backdrop at the beautiful Lake Whitney Ranch in Clifton, Tex., the “Preparation for the Palace”  retreat was attended by 111 young women between the ages of 13 and 25. To help bridge the gap with young adults leaving churches in record numbers, this retreat is intentionally geared toward providing a safe place where our young women can voice their opinions on issues impacting their generation, while still bringing out the heavenly princess in them. 

Speakers Callie Buruchara and Tamara Bird showed these women their worth to Jesus and His unfailing love for them in today’s broken society while sensitively providing forums where the young women could ask questions addressing real-life issues affecting them in and out of church. 

The testimonials of Ashley Jones and Lisa Oum showed the young women the redemptive love of Christ as they shared their stories of overcoming alcoholism and near homelessness to now being used by God in their current roles. 

The Sabbath services brought tears to the attendees’ eyes as the Holy Spirit’s presence was strongly felt. The “Divine Hour” finished with an anointing service and coronation ceremony. Team-building exercises also helped the young women unleash their creative abilities and allowed them to build new friendships. The weekend concluded with a Saturday night tea party, a cozy bonfire and a boot camp.

By Sandralee Mars
Women’s Ministries English Coordinator