World Changing

Lake Whitney Ranch Summer Camp Makes a Difference
August 15, 2019

CLIFTON, TEX. – Ever since I was a camper myself, I wanted to work at camp, and this summer I finally got the chance at Lake Whitney Ranch Summer Camp.

I was so excited, so ready to work with these kids and show them the God I know and love. However, the moment I saw all the smiling faces of the first group of kids, I knew God had me there for the kids to be teaching me and not the other way around.

Watching all the campers meet new people and make new friends was life-changing. God works through each and every one of these kids, starting with the cubs and going all the way to the young adults.

I strongly believe that the best part of camp is the spiritual aspect. Hearing the campers belting out our theme song, watching them read their Bible, write in their prayer journals, seeing them take each other over to the side and pray for each other reminded me so much of God’s love. It reminded me that even when you may be going through a rough time, God is right beside you.

No matter where I looked, God was everywhere. But most importantly, watching the campers stand up, tears on their faces, publicly giving their lives to God through baptism—it moved me.

Our motto this summer was, “We are world changers and we are creating world changers.” Seeing these wonderful kids standing up and giving their lives to Christ backed our motto in every way. These campers are becoming world changers by telling their stories and shining in Jesus.

“This year 47 people were baptized at Lake Whitney Ranch Summer Camp,” Paulo Tenorio, Texas Conference youth director shared. “Others made decisions for Christ, but chose to be baptized at their home church with family and friends. It was an incredible experience for both campers and staff this summer as we felt God's presence with us throughout all our activities. We praise God for His love and protection.”

Someone told me during the summer that this ministry is life changing. Campers come from all different walks of life, and yet they’re all here for the same reason. They’re here because God wants them here.

If I had two words to sum up my time at camp, it would be “World Changing.”

By Lexi Bradwell