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October 27, 2021

DALLAS – In collaboration with the Southwest Region Conference and Breath of Life TV ministry, Carlton P. Byrd has been bringing worship experiences all around the conference. 

On Aug. 28, Byrd and his wife and daughter visited the Alpha Seventh-day Adventist Church in Austin, Tex. Byrd shared a relevant, inspiring message that encouraged hearers to pray and praise their way out of their own personal caves. Leaning on the classic story of David hiding from King Saul, we were reminded that God will carry us through our cave situations when we exalt Him even in dark times. 

Additionally, four persons were baptized from Austin, who, during the COVID-19 pandemic, had been viewing Byrd and Breath of Life TV. Two were siblings and two were a husband and wife. She planned to be baptized, but after hearing the sermon and the Spirit of God moving on him, the husband was also baptized! 

By Norman Jones

Communication Director