Year-end Celebrations

Claremore Students and Families Rejoice with Baptisms
August 15, 2019

CLAREMORE, OKLA. – As the bittersweet end of another school year comes to a close, there are whoops and hollers of “Yay, awesome, fantastic, praise the Lord!” This year at Claremore Heritage Adventist School, the whoops, hollers and "Praise the Lord” refrains were not for the close of school, but because five students had chosen to give their hearts to Jesus and be baptized!

It all started back in February, when several of our girls asked about baptism. I told them we needed to visit with our pastor, Nathan Shires, about this subject. It wasn’t long before he had gathered together those who wanted to take a baptismal class. After six weeks of Bible study, decisions were made to be baptized.

On May 14, 2019, during our end of the year program, the spiritual highlight was when our five young people buried their old lives and began a new life in Jesus! What a blessing and wonderful experience this was! Thank you to all who support Christian education.

By Cheri Robinson