Zomi Annual Convention

Wewoka Woods Hosts NAD Gathering
August 17, 2021

WEWOKA, OKLA. – Zomi Seventh-day Adventists in the North American Division came together to hold their eighth annual convention at Wewoka Woods Adventist Center (WWAC) this summer. From June 10-12, 2021, the group gathered and worshiped with the theme: “Create in Me a New Heart.” It was a fruitful spiritual and social gathering and nearly 400 were in attendance on Sabbath.

On June 10, new officers and departmental leaders were elected for the 2021-2023 two-term. The newly elected officers are Gin Sian Mung, president; Mang Sawm Lian, secretary; Pau Suan Khai, treasurer; and departmental leaders: Thang Khan Mang, church ministries; Jerry Mungtong, children’s ministries; Nang Khan Mung, community services; Mung San Lay, youth; Tuangboih, music; and Khaiboih, media.

Throughout the meeting, separate classes and activities were held for children, youth and adults.

Everyone enjoyed the campground activities that included horseback riding, swimming, canoeing and more. The professionalism, understanding, politeness, courtesy and exemplary Christian manner that was shown to the guests by the staff was impactful. The nutritious and tasty food served each day was phenomenal.

Because of the wonderful physical and spiritual experiences, the committee unanimously voted to hold its ninth Zomi Annual Convention in 2022 at WWAC.

We thank the Oklahoma Conference leadership for the love, kindness and generosity shown to us by making the convention possible. It was beyond comparison.

By Lian Mang, Pastor