A Quest for Truth

Mother and Daughter Led to Big Spring Church
October 29, 2020

BIG SPRING, TEX. – When Daisy Ochoa was 13 years old, she was drawn in by “end-time” prophecy topics while watching Amazing Facts and other evangelists on 3ABN. These programs piqued her interest to learn the truth in God’s Word. 

Daisy, now 20, believed what she learned in her younger days. She was especially convicted about the truth about the Sabbath and baptism by immersion. This led Daisy to follow the call of the Holy Spirit and seek more truth. As she began sharing her newfound faith with others, Daisy’s excitement was contagious, and it inspired her mother, Olga.

Olga had always felt God’s presence in her life and felt the need to have a relationship with God. Although Olga lacked the spiritual support of family and friends, she independently took her children to church. When Olga saw her daughter’s enthusiasm to know more about God, Olga knew this was the spiritual support she was looking for. Together, Daisy and Olga found their way to the Big Spring Seventh-day Adventist Church. Although it is located 90 miles from their hometown of Colorado City, Tex., nothing could stop them from getting to know more about God and sharing Him with others.

After several months of Bible studies, Daisy and Olga were baptized at the Big Spring Seventh-day Adventist Church on June 13, 2020. 

“It was a glorious day for them to publicly express their love for the Lord,” said the Big Spring church’s pastor, Abner Razon. Olga and Daisy were baptized during the Sabbath morning worship service and were accompanied by other family members who came to support and witness the event. Moving forward, Olga and Daisy plan to get involved in ministry. Olga would like to participate in church activities and work in any capacity for God. Daisy senses her life has a deeper meaning and eagerly wants to see where the Holy Spirit will lead her. 

Please join the Big Spring church as it continues to pray for this mother and daughter team as they embark on their spiritual journey and help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

By Angela Cruz