A Vision in Progress

Alamogordo Breaks Ground on New School Building
February 26, 2019

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. – Early in 2017, members of the Alamogordo Seventh-day Adventist Church discussed the reality that outreach efforts in our community had not been productive. Our very presentable church building was located on 20+ acres of property with a beautiful view across the valley to the White Sands and San Andres Mountains, yet the majority of our community did not even know we existed.

As a result of the needs of our church and the strong demand for quality, private education in our community, our members decided that building a new school and providing an outstanding preschool through eighth grade, Christ-centered, Bible-based, Seventh-day Adventist educational opportunity would be an excellent way to draw the community and serve the needs of our congregation. With a retired Adventist teacher and principal as chairman, a school steering committee was organized and enthusiastic work began on the project.

We wanted the school to open in August 2018, but by the time we had made our plans known to the community at the 2017 Otero County Fair, we realized that having a building and quality educational program functional by that time was not possible. Patrick Vandergriff, a knowledgeable and respected community member who has been involved in large construction projects and shares our vision and goals, is providing direction for our project. We have been blessed with two well-attended church business meetings with lively discussion and no dissenting votes to proceed with the vision and build a new school building. We have also received significant assistance and encouragement from the Texico Conference leaders.

On Oct.18, 2018, with the plans completed and the engineering stamps in place, signed and dated, we had a wet, rainy groundbreaking ceremony. The official participants were Texico Conference President Lee-Roy Chacon; Executive Secretary/Treasurer Phil Robertson; Education Superintendent Derral Reeve; Alamogordo Mayor Richard Boss; Dr. Gary Siebel; and Jesse Cone of the steering committee. The next day a front-page story with a photo of the groundbreaking was featured in the Alamogordo Daily News. The news article has heightened community interest. City and state approvals are in progress and construction will begin as soon as these are completed. It is our plan to begin school in our three-classroom building in August 2019. Our faith has been greatly strengthened as our gracious and mighty God has opened doors and blessed in the outworking of this vision.

By Jesse Cone