Alive and Growing

West Helena Community Services
April 17, 2019

WEST HELENA, ARK. – On Sunday, Feb. 24, all hands were on deck to pack up our first trip of many to our West Helena Seventh-day Adventist Community Service Center. Shirley Harmon was closing her business because of her mother’s illness and knowing that we help the community, she donated everything in her warehouse to the community center.

There was only a three-hour window for us to load up, so young and old, short and tall were there in our community service shirts to load up cars, trucks and trailers. Under the leadership of Jerry Kenyon and Sharon Carpenter the first step of this task was accomplished.

The Community Service Center is open to help survivors of burnouts and other emergency situations with anything we can supply, without a cost to the survivors. Kenyon, along with Carpenter, Hope Williams and Marjorie Babcock have faithfully been there to help victims. Once a month the center has a sale to earn money to supply needed items that are not stocked. Amazingly the shelves are never empty. More donations always come in.

The West Helena area is learning who we are and what we can do and that we do care for them. A special thank you to Jerry Kenyon for helping us start our community services and for giving us a way to show our community that we do care. Over 75 percent of our church membership is involved with this program in one way or another.

By Betty Hoag