ARKLA Ministers for God

April 10, 2024

SHREVEPORT, LA. – Jan. 7-11, 2024, was a busy week at the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference office with more than 40 ministers and their spouses meeting together. Worships were well attended as different departmental leaders led out each morning and the rafters rang as the men and women sang praises together. Plans were made for district evangelism, Bible studies and a Spanish vigil presenting prophetic events. The evenings were filled with meetings by the different departments and the men had a fun time eating together with other activities. The comradery was evident in the actions of the pastors. LaVonne Dye, ministerial spouses director, kept the pastor’s wives busy with an interesting meeting for the women. 

We are happy to have our pastor’s united in faith and fellowship as we begin the new year with the motto “Claim and Reclaim, United in One Family in Jesus.”

By Sylvia Downs