Baptisms in Decatur

Dakota Day Presents Amazing Facts Series
February 25, 2019

DECATUR, ARK. – Dakota Day, an Amazing Facts speaker and evangelist, presented a series of meetings in the Decatur Seventh-day Adventist Church for not only the church members, but also for visitors from the surrounding community. More than 5,000 flyers were sent to the homes of Gravette, Bentonville, Bella Vista and Centerton in preparation. From those flyers and through the work of the members inviting friends and family, approximately 10 visitors arrived each night to hear the message of truth, warning and hope that Day shared.

Day not only preached Bible prophecy and knowledge about the coming crisis, he also shared how to prepare for the end times and how to truly understand the Word of God by “not just reading the Word of God but also getting to know the God of the Word.” Explaining why that relationship with God is so important, Day compared it to a three-legged stool with the three legs being Bible study, prayer and a relationship with God. If we take out even one of these legs, our whole world may totter and fall just as there can never be a sturdy, two-legged stool.

God blessed in the presentation of His message and when Day made an altar call toward the end of the series, the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of three people who accepted a call for baptism. After meeting with the candidates and making sure everything was prepared, Ryan Griffith, Trenton Driskell, and Michelle Griffith were baptized by Day and joyfully welcomed into the Decatur church.

The parting message was not just to encourage and strengthen the new members in the church, but was also a reminder to the members that we all have a Christian walk and that we all struggle with sin and temptation. Though we all stumble and fall down over and over, we can still get back up and keep pushing forward, trusting in the promises of Christ. The key point is to get back up. We have to exert the effort to break free from our mistakes, to cry out like Peter did when he was sinking below the waves of the Sea of Galilee saying, “Lord save me!” The Lord is always close by our side ready to help us. All we need to do is call upon Him.

Though these meetings have ended, the blessing and the fire that we received from the Holy Spirit keeps on in our hearts and minds. Just because the series is over doesn’t mean that we stop inviting people to church, and activities at the church. Nor do we stop witnessing to our neighbors, friends, and family. No, instead we are to actively participate and continue being willing for the Spirit to use us to reach the people who are yearning for the truth. The Lord has planned for a plentiful harvest and the fields are teeming with an abundance of crops. As the hymn asks, we must ask ourselves, “Where are you, O reaper, to do your part in bringing in that glorious harvest home?”

By Kody Fly