Be Available for Opportunity

March 1, 2022

I remember finishing a conference on Friday afternoon on the West Coast. By the time I arrived at the airport, checked in and got to the gate, it was already Sabbath. I prayed and asked the Lord that morning to help me be available for His service that day. As the sun set and I was soon to board the airplane for home, I asked God to help me be focused on His day, the Sabbath. I asked the Lord to let me be in a quiet place on the airplane. I wanted to spend my time with Him, not the usual chatter that goes with flying.

I looked and wondered and wondered how many would be on my flight; it looked like a nearly empty flight. As we boarded, the flight attendant told us we could sit anywhere on the plane. I rejoiced that God had answered my prayer. I found a spot in the back corner of the plane and settled in.

With almost everyone boarded, a husband and wife made their way to the back and sat down across the aisle from me. Next, a young woman came and sat down in front of me. All were quiet.

We took off and I pulled my Bible from my briefcase and began to read some passages out of the Psalms. Within a matter of moments, the young woman turned around and asked if that was a Bible. I replied, “Yes.” She asked to see the Bible. I handed her my Bible and she browsed for several minutes. She returned it and asked if I believed what the book said. I told her, “Yes, I believe not in the book, but the Author of the book.” She continued to quiz me about Christianity. After a while, she asked what she had to do to invite Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. What a privilege to encourage her, pray with her and hear her give her heart to Jesus.

I did not realize that the couple across the aisle were watching and listening. Not long after the young woman had accepted Jesus, they asked if I was a pastor. I told them I was. They then poured out their grieving hearts to me. They were ministers of the Pentecostal faith. They had been in ministry for many years and had received the sad news from their physician that she had terminal cancer. They asked if I would pray with them and for them. I did and the young woman also joined us. We prayed, sang a chorus or two and worshiped the Lord together. What a beginning to Sabbath!

The gospel commission is to each one of us. It must become personal. Everyday life presents great opportunities for Christ. The key is to commit to being available for Jesus. May you be willing, and may He bless you with opportunities!

By Richard C. Dye, Sr., President