Bentonville Growing Plants to Serve Community

December 19, 2023

BENTONVILLE, ARK. – The Bentonville Seventh-day Adventist School is doing its part to feed the people in need in their community. 

Students are hard at work in their new agriculture program. The students are growing seedlings in the greenhouse for Bentonville’s “Helping Hands” Community Garden. 

Renee Otts, principal and teacher at the school says the garden is not only a way for the kids to learn but also to serve the community. She expressed the needs of the homeless community who rely on “Helping Hands”, the Salvation Army and other groups and said, “If we can be a small part in helping those groups to help other people, we’ve done our job.” 

Otts also stated that in the spring, the school’s agricultural program will be working with the Illinois River Watershed Partnership. The students will be growing native plants for the watershed’s repair and erosion control projects. 

We are proud and grateful to these students and the Bentonville school for their involvement in giving back to their neighbors, and the blessing is that they are learning so much in the process. It gives new meaning to the phrase: “Go, Grow and Multiply!” Not only are these students meeting physical needs, but they are also planting seeds to reach people for Jesus.

By Martin Kelly