Blessings Abound

Gentry Church Celebrates Mothers and Babies
October 27, 2021

GENTRY, ARK. – In August, the Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated the upcoming births of five babies! While some people were unsure about a shower for five women (and for most of the women, it was their third child), they were sure people wouldn’t want to bring that many gifts. 

But it turned out to be a very wonderful and positive thing for our church. Emily (Fisher) Kurtz just had her first boy after two girls; Courtney Timms, Brooke Hiebert and Brittany Hagele are going to be blessed with sons, while Bridget (Darmody) Smit was just blessed with her third daughter.

One mother said she was so tickled with the gifts; she thought the Gentry church a very giving church. Another mother thanked the church for the shower and said, “It has made me a lot more excited about having my baby.”

We are proud of the new babies that God is blessing our church with and proud of the parents who are faithful in bringing their babies to church. 

It will certainly increase the attendance in our Tiny Tots classroom. 

We pray God blesses each of the families that are growing, as it helps grow our church as well.

By Charlotte Robinson