Bringing People Together

Health Fair Ministry Blessing Beyond Expectation
December 5, 2019

TEXARKANA, ARK. – Three years ago, Jimmy Lindsey, a former Adventist, walked by the Texarkana Seventh-day Adventist Church’s booth at the fair. He was invited back to church that Sabbath and he hasn’t missed one since. A group of prayer warriors meet every Sabbath at 8:30 a.m. to pray for every member of the church. The prayer group added their new member’s special prayer request for a soulmate.

A man at Shannon Carpenter’s Sunday-keeping church stated that Saturday is really the true Sabbath, and Carpenter felt impressed to find a Sabbath-keeping church. She began attending the Texarkana church and was baptized on July 6, 2019. Lindsey met Carpenter as she studied, and they began dating. They were married on Aug. 4, 2019 with John Taylor officiating.

Brenda Litchfield serves as the Texarkana church’s personal ministries leader and operates the fair booths. The joining of Jimmy and Shannon together as a couple and as members has been a blessing for her and the church to see.

By Loretta Johnson