Cherry Blossom Tea

Women Enjoy Fellowship at Fifth Annual Event
August 15, 2019

TEXARKANA, ARK. – The Texarkana Seventh-day Adventist Church’s women’s ministries leader, Brenda Litchfield, along with social committee leader, Sherry Smith and presenter Kathy Davis, recently led out in the church’s fifth annual fellowship tea. The event provides a time of fun and relaxation for the group after their busy year of community service to the local women’s shelter. Each year the group delivers much-needed items for the shelter. This year, they also collected items to send to children in the Philippines.

Women’s ministries in Texarkana provides a vital service to our local church and to the community. They do not limit their events to just church members; they encourage the church to invite friends, family and neighbors to all functions.

By Lorretta Johnson