Children’s Ministry

Planting Seeds for the Future
June 10, 2021

In a world where culture is obsessed with perfection and performance, how do we teach a child that their worth is in Jesus and He is the best friend they will ever have? It is our mission to teach them that they are loved and accepted by Jesus, to help them experience His love for them. They need to know that they can be real with Him and they will never have to fear His rejection; they can tell Him anything. After all, He is their best friend!

Children’s Ministries was a priority for Jesus. He always made time to teach the children a valuable lesson, and He never turned them away. Children’s Ministries is a place and time to teach our children about their best friend and nurture a relationship with Him. Ask someone what Children’s Ministries is and they will likely say it is Sabbath School, but it is so much more!

Those working in Children’s Ministries can tell you what a pleasure it is to minister to a kid at the most critical time of their lives and show them God’s unconditional love. We have the opportunity to have an impact in the lives of the kids we serve and are instrumental in helping kids to know Jesus as their best friend.

Children’s Ministries should not be condensed into one day a week but multiple programs throughout the year to lead a child to Jesus and disciple them in their daily walk with Him. Children have many different gifts, and offering them a variety of programming will allow them to learn in a way they can best understand and grow. There are many programs to choose from, such as Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, Adventurers, Children’s Choir, Children’s Week of Prayer, Children’s Sabbath, Puppet Ministry and Service Projects to name a few.

How many teachers ever thought one of their students would one day be leading other kids to Jesus? I have experienced it firsthand and it ignited my faith in so many ways. At the end of the day when you sit down to assess your program and you realize you did everything you were supposed to do but nothing seemed to be working, remember you planted a seed. And with love and care that seed can grow into a child knowing that Jesus loves them.

The Texico Conference Children’s Ministries Department is here to help you achieve this by offering training, resources and encouragement to those who teach and lead children in their local churches.

By Kathy Clifford, Children’s Ministries Director