Claim, Reclaim

December 19, 2023

As I am writing this article this evening, I am vividly aware that events and circumstances are exploding all around us.

For the past year, we have watched war being waged in the Ukraine. We have witnessed horrible attacks in the Middle East. Mass shootings. Vast crime. Financial challenges. We have seen an explosion of mental health challenges.

All these things continue to let us know that Jesus is coming sooner than we think. The truth is that the world needs Jesus more than ever before.

The temptation is to simply dismiss these items and just say, “Yes, pastor you are correct,” but simply do nothing and refrain from being engaged. Frankly, don’t succumb to that temptation. We know the only real answer is for men and women to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

As we begin 2024, we need each member, every believer to become engaged for the cause of Christ. How do we become engaged? 1. Pray earnestly for 10 people you know who don’t know Jesus. Pray daily for the Lord to come into their life. 2. Make friends in the community. 3. Be willing to start a small group and participate in sharing Jesus. 4. Tell your own story with others. 5. Invest your resources in sharing the good news of Jesus.

The reality is that we are going to see even more challenges and events that will be almost overwhelming as we continue to await the soon return of Jesus. But we can accept the commission of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is time to claim men and women for Jesus. It is time to reclaim former believers for Jesus. The Arkansas-Louisiana Conference is embracing this theme for 2024: Claim, Reclaim. I invite you to join the challenge with us. Let’s hasten the return of Jesus. 

By Richard C. Dye
Sr. President