Crestview Academy Community Demonstrates Resilience

April 10, 2024

CORRALES, N.M. – Since its founding in 1947, Crestview Seventh-day Adventist Academy (CSDAA) has been a fixture in Adventist education in the Albuquerque area. Despite its history, CSDAA, like any school, has faced its share of challenges. A year ago, it encountered one of its most significant hurdles when building problems and staff shortages threatened its operations, leading the school board to contemplate temporarily closing its doors.

However, the school remained open through lots of prayer and support from the school board, parents and the Texico Conference Education Department. This decision proved pivotal, as CSDAA now enjoys good enrollment and a renewed sense of momentum.

Community engagement is important to Crestview’s mission. The school regularly participates in monthly visits to local churches, contributing to Sabbath morning worship services with student-led praise, worship, prayer and musical performances. A recent visit to a local Spanish-speaking congregation filled the Sabbath with excitement as Isaiah Owusu Gyan, a parent from the community with children at CSDAA, addressed the audience, sharing insightful remarks about the value of Christian education and the importance of investing in private schooling despite initial hesitations about its cost.

“Ever since my boys were very little, my wife and I made a very important decision that our kids would attend a Christian school,” Gyan shared. He emphasized the importance of consistent values between home and school, highlighting CSDAA as a great example of such collaboration.

Flor Caro, a first-year preschool teacher at CSDAA, echoed Gyan’s sentiments. Despite challenges, she emphasized that faith and determination have prevailed. “The enemy tried to close the school, but God is more powerful,” she declared, urging parents to consider Adventist education for its transformative potential.

In a world of challenges, Crestview Seventh-day Adventist Academy stands as a testament to the power of faith, community and unwavering commitment to Christian education.

By Debby Márquez
Communication Director