DeRidder Celebrates a High Sabbath

June 30, 2023

DERIDDER, LA. – Audry Austin is one of those people that makes you feel special. She is willing to help in any capacity. From helping clean the church, to counting the offerings or making sure everyone is comfortable, she seems to always be in the Lord’s service. She moved from Baton Rouge to the DeRidder area to be with family. While living in Baton Rouge years ago, she met a woman who introduced her to the Adventist faith. After relocating to the DeRidder Seventh-day Adventist Church, she rededicated her life to the Lord through baptism on Jan. 28.

The blessings did not end there as two more individuals were also baptized and married Luis and Imelda went from saying, “I will,” to the 13 baptismal vows to saying “I do” to God and each other. Luis and Imelda’s story began in Texas three years ago when they immigrated separately from Mexico. When she arrived in Texas, she met Luis, and they began dating. Together, they relocated to the Leesville, La., area and started attending the DeRidder Church. After several months of baptismal classes led by Hector Torres, they decided it was time for them to get baptized along with getting married.

Hillis Jeffries, pastor of DeRidder Church, provided marriage counseling, and on Jan. 28, they committed themselves to God and each other through baptism in the morning and their wedding that evening. 

As the Sabbath ended that day, Luis and Imelda began their new lives together by professing their love for each other in front of family, including their three beautiful children and friends.

By Rosemarie Jeffries