Educational Associates Added

December 19, 2023

GENTRY, ARK. – With the change to Standards Based Learning (SBL) coming to schools across North American Division (NAD) and the increase of technology in schools, the Arkansas-Louisiana (ARKLA) Executive Committee voted to add two individuals to the education department to assist in these changes. Ozark Adventist Academy (OAA) Principal Robert Fetters was voted to assist as Associate Education Director of Secondary.

Fetters will continue as the principal of OAA while assisting the conference education director in overseeing the junior academies in our conference. His knowledge of secondary education and technology will be extremely helpful in assisting our junior academies to keep up with the quality Christian-based academics and the ever-changing world of technology. He will also continue working with the one-to-one Chromebook program at the elementary schools.

The second person being added is newly hired OAA Vice Principal Carlos Valencia who was voted in as the Associate Education Director of Curriculum. He was hired at OAA because of his extensive knowledge and background in SBL and MAP Testing. Valencia will be a huge asset to not only OAA but all the ARKLA schools through this change process. Currently, he is leading one of our three Professional Learning Communities for our elementary teachers and will be available to help coach teachers as needed.

We are blessed to have these two talented individuals in ARKLA and look forward to seeing what God has in store as we continue to help our teachers educate for eternity.

By Tim Kripps
Educational Superintendent
Photos by Robert Fetters and Carlos Valencia