El Paso Northeast Joins Global Youth Day Celebration

June 30, 2023

EL PASO, TEX. – The El Paso Northeast Seventh-day Adventist Church joined thousands of churches across the world to celebrate Global Youth Day (GYD) on March 18. From the announcements to the closing hymn, the morning’s worship service was entirely led by the young people. The stage lit up with motivated and dedicated kids of all ages. 

Using the GYD theme “Love Is a Verb,” the sermon was given by two active young men, Elias D. and Joshua T. who spoke about “Love Is to Share.” Joshua is a recent high school graduate and is hoping to attend Southwestern Adventist University this fall and major in theology. He was on fire at the podium during his part in the sermon as he talked about “Love Is to Wait.” The entire congregation was captivated by both messages based on our hope in Christ.

Music for the worship service was provided by all sections of the children’s Sabbath School, from Kindergarten to the Junior classes. Leading the hymns and special musical selections, they showed themselves not only capable but willing and enthusiastic. After a fellowship luncheon, the youth made a special visit to the Montana Villa nursing home to continue spreading the Gospel and to bring some light and love into all the lives of the residents.

In addition to having the youth conduct the service on GYD, the El Paso Northeast Church has placed its first youth in a church leadership position. Isaac D., the technology coordinator, is now the first teenage church board member. His contributions and his participation in GYD have made church members realize that the younger generation has a lot to offer, and when the Holy Spirit leads, all things are possible!


By Harald Halseth