Empowering Young Hearts

October 24, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – Last July, the North Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a traditional evangelism series with a heartwarming and unique spin. For eight nights, the church presented its first-ever evangelism meetings led by children.

Throughout the week, children ages six to 14 took the stage and delivered sermons, sang and captivated the hearts of both the younger and older members of the congregation. The messages centered on the theme “Este Es El Día,” or “This is the Day,” which stressed the importance of sharing the Gospel and being prepared for Jesus’s soon return. The nightly programs not only showcased the impressive capabilities of the youth but also underscored the profound truth that children possess an incredible potential to impact lives and lead others to Christ.

On the last evening, the church held a special closing service that featured the baptism of two young souls. North Valley church pastor Saul Flores also extended an altar call, leading several other young individuals to express interest in Bible studies and baptism.

“This week was exactly what we had hoped and prayed for,” said Flor Lopez, North Valley children’s ministries director. “We witnessed a revival within the children of our church, and we are thrilled that some made the choice to follow Jesus so early in their life.”

Many adult visitors were also in attendance and expressed that they were greatly blessed by the messages. Moving forward, North Valley church eagerly anticipates nurturing the talents of the young boys and girls who showed promise in preaching. Plans are now in motion to continue organizing children-led programs in the future.

“As a church we understand the importance of embracing our children and giving them a place in our church plans and services,” said Lopez. “In doing this, we have seen our church thrive and we can’t wait to see how God will reveal His amazing power in their lives.”