Evangelism in Texarkana

June 16, 2022

TEXARKANA, TEX. – Amazing Facts evangelist Jordan Moore and David Farmer began a series thoroughly relating the prophecies of Daniel, Sabbath, Sanctuary and God’s judgment to the message of the Three Angels. 

The simplicity and clarity of the presentation and the presence of the Holy Spirit led to three baptisms and one profession of faith. Several others still attend and continue to study. Praise God!

David Hudson, impressed by the Holy Spirit, began attending Sabbath School, church and an afternoon study group for some time before the meetings. He said, “I felt impressed [that] this is where I should come.” Chrysann Butler and Prima Resecker have attended and studied with Brenda Litchfield for quite some time and Moore’s presentations solidified what they had learned and led them into a greater understanding. Vickey Kelley received a flier in the mail and, with some of her already existing background, she chose to attend.

During the meetings, each evening and each Sabbath morning, Children’s Ministry leader Stacy Sowers led a special children’s church for the younger children. There are other individuals still attending and sincerely studying. Each one of these people uplift us and bring joy to our congregation.

By Loretta Johnson