Fill My Cup Lord: Women with a Purpose

June 20, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – Earlier this year, over 50 female members and friends of the Albuquerque Central Seventh-day Adventist Church gathered together for the first time in two years for a ladies’ fellowship in Christ. Some ladies dressed up in hats and dresses and others came in jeans and t-shirts, each feeling welcomed just as they were. The purpose was to foster fellowship and connection among the women of the church and to plan for a wonderful year. 

Before the event, spring-themed handmade invitations were mailed out to members and the event was posted on the church website and church Facebook account. Many ladies brought friends. Several delicious treats were prepared by talented cooks who attended. One member, Rachel, went above and beyond in purchasing over 50 tea cups and several cute teapots at thrift stores along with lots of delicious tea that was a blessing. Another member, Merilyn, purchased and arranged beautiful fresh spring flowers to accent all the tables. A short devotional by Janet Van Why with the message “The Body of Christ” emphasized the divine creation of each person present, with an individual purpose and strength given to them by God, and the need for various individual member parts, no matter how seemingly small, to make up the whole in God’s plan and purpose. Door prizes were given away and lots of food was left over to be taken home to be enjoyed by family members. In all, it was a beautiful, joyful and spiritual event that blessed those who could attend.

By Janet Van Why