Friendship Evangelism Pays Off in Lake Charles

October 27, 2022

LAKE CHARLES, LA. – In 2015, while at Olive Park in Burbank, Calif. with my son one afternoon, I noticed a tall, long-haired, long bearded man sitting under a tree. He was sitting with his eyes closed and looked to be meditating. I approached him to share about Jesus and as I shared, he continued to sit quietly with his eyes closed meditating. He didn’t agree or disagree, and I continued to share about the power of Christ when we allow Him into our lives. I shared some of my personal testimony and thought, if he’s willing to listen then I would keep sharing. After about 20 minutes, he finally opened his eyes and said to me, “I’ve never heard anyone talk about Jesus like that.” I invited him to lunch and he accepted. 

We learned we had several things in common: both vegetarians, both named Justin, both with “A” last names. From there, a friendship developed, and we started going on hikes and campouts together centering our conversations on God’s Word and on Christ. I moved to a vineyard in Northern California, and he came to visit on a few occasions. Each visit grew longer, and the friendship and fellowship grew stronger. We worked, worshiped, studied the Bible, learned Scripture songs together and attended a Sabbath fellowship at Angwin Village Seventh-day Adventist Church each week. Over the next few years, we continued to stay in contact sharing our triumphs, our struggles and encouraging one another. 

In 2020, my family and I moved to Louisiana. I continued to share with him how God was working mightily on our behalf, and he was inspired and encouraged. He finally came to visit for two weeks. He gladly joined in family worship sharing praise reports for how he experienced God in answer to prayers and through the power of His Word. Our devotionals focused on surrendering and yielding to the Holy Spirit, as well as keeping our minds centered on Christ. We were pleasantly surprised when, toward the end of his stay, he announced his decision for baptism! I was privileged to assist Hillis Jeffries, pastor of Lake Charles Seventh-day Adventist Church in baptizing him. During his visit, he was tremendously blessed by the members of Lafayette and Lake Charles Seventh-day Adventist Churches. We praise God for His providential leading in the life of my friend and brother in Christ.

By Justin Adamson