God First

Sandia View Academy Sets Tone for New School Year
October 19, 2018

CORRALES, N.M. – High school is the most unique time in one’s life. Whether you are a recent 2018 graduate still fresh out of school or are a graduate of long ago, there is no denying that memories, whether good or bad, are an integral part of the entire high school experience.

At Sandia View Academy (SVA), educators and mentors strive to create happy memories for each student. However, we strive even harder to build character.

For this new school year, I am committed to our school mission and helping to pave the way for our students to develop a Christ-loving worldview that positively influences their decisions and their lifestyles. Our goal is to integrate both faith and learning so that ultimately, our students will grow stronger academically and keep a steadfast connection with our Savior.

Spirituality. Over the years, SVA teachers have upheld the Adventist philosophy of education in creating opportunities for each student to develop a relationship with Jesus.

Hence, every Monday morning our school begins the week with spiritual emphasis and gathers for chapel. We worship God through song, prayer, testimony and Bible study, and believe that this Biblical encouragement and connecting with God sets the tone for the week.

Our worship however is not limited to just Mondays. Classes begin and end the period with prayer and a devotional takes place during the first period of every day. We hold fast to God’s promise in Matthew 6:33 that if we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all things will be given to us. In putting God first, He will envelop the entire academic program.

Vision. Educating for eternity requires a vision that reaches beyond our own needs and helps to meet the needs of others. There is no greater need for man than to know and have a relationship with Jesus.

As Sandia View Academy students prepare for citizenship in the new earth, students must share the vision of doing good on this earth. For this reason, SVA students actively participate in serving the community by sharing basic human needs like food, clothing and companionship.

We also help meet others’ spiritual needs by sharing what God can do in their lives; how God gives hope. So far, students have lent a hand at the Corrales Food Bank and sent donations of clothing and toys to charity organizations. SVA’s monthly community service program helps our students to envision the world as a better place while inviting others to know Jesus personally.

Action. Mission orientation comes from developing our own spiritual lives, having a vision for community outreach, and taking action! SVA provides consistent opportunities for students and teachers to take action in service. We exercise mission-mindedness, academic excellence and Christlike compassion.

This year, Sandia View Academy students have already started taking action to excel in schoolwork, in service to the community, and in developing deeper relationships with Jesus. Answering God’s call to go into all the world begins with training young people to take action for God! We recognize the a holy command for action in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Taking God’s laws of love and service and transforming them into real-world action is what SVA represents. This is at the heart of Adventist education.

By Chanda C. Castañeda