Greater New Orleans Christian Academy Ministry

April 11, 2023

METAIRIE, LA. – One of the best ways to fulfill the Lord’s instruction to feed, visit, clothe and visit people is to remember our homeless brothers and sisters. Greater New Orleans Christian Academy (GNOCA) has an ongoing ministry that continues to fulfill these needs. 

At the end of every semester, GNOCA students, under the direction of the Rodil and Sheila Capobres family, make a decided effort to prepare lunches, make up gift bags with personal items, collect shoes and socks and other items that may be needed or available and distribute them to the homeless in their area. It’s something that the students look forward to doing for the many homeless people in the New Orleans area. Out of all the schools in the Southwestern Union, GNOCA was picked out of five to be featured in a short video that was shown in our churches for Education Sabbath in March. I hope you got to see our young people in action, happily doing the Lord’s bidding.

By Sylvia Downs