Heber Springs

It’s All In The Air
July 19, 2020

HEBER SPRINGS, ARK. – During this unusual time, as a pandemic spreads across the globe, the Heber Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church has taken to the air to stay connected with each other while maintaining social distancing. 

Thanks to our dedicated pastor, Laurie DeWitt, and his creative efforts, we have daily devotionals shared on Facebook that have allowed members of our church to tune in regularly and be encouraged. 

On Wednesday at 6 p.m., the members of the three churches in DeWitt’s district meet via the internet on Zoom and enjoy visually seeing each other, sharing experiences and being uplifted by Bible study. 

On Fridays, vespers on Zoom at 7 p.m. further enrich the church members with spiritual insights. 

Sabbath blessings are found on Sabbath morning with discussion among church members on the weekly quarterly. We followed that with an encouraging sermon by DeWitt. 

Instead of being isolated from each other, the Heber Springs church and sister churches have taken to the air to share God’s Word! It shows that nothing can stop God’s Word from going out and God’s church from going forward. Someday soon, we can all be caught up together in the air! God’s Word is sure!

By Judith Newton