Inspired by Prophecy

Amarillo Church’s Book Challenge Grows into Video Ministry
April 27, 2021

AMARILLO, TEX. – Callie Lopez, women’s ministry director of the Amarillo Seventh-day Adventist Church, truly has a passion for learning and sharing God’s word. In 2019, Callie started a book challenge with the hopes that members of the Amarillo Church would fall in love with God’s word and also see the value in the writings of Ellen G. White.

The first book she recommended from the Spirit of Prophecy collection was The Story of Redemption, and since then, members have read The Adventist Home, Ministry of Healing, Last Day Events and Prayer together. This year, Callie challenged members to read The Conflict of the Ages series, starting with Patriarchs and Prophets. To make the books accessible, the church purchased them in bulk and gave them out to members and non-members alike. “Without a doubt, Ellen G. White was inspired by God,” said Lopez. “The Bible scripture in the books makes the story come alive and helps us better understand God’s wonderful plan of salvation and what He sacrificed to save us.”

As of January, the Amarillo Church has distributed approximately 1,000 books, and the book challenge has taken a new step. Most recently, Callie and Amarillo’s pastor, Bobby Harris, put together a team of volunteers to record daily videos to better help members understand the chapters they are reading and see the beauty in their lessons. The videos, which are posted on the church’s Facebook page and YouTube channel daily, are also meant to encourage people to read the books. In addition, the volunteers who make the videos participate in a panel on Sabbath mornings and lead a discussion on the chapters that were assigned the previous week.

“In a time where the world seems to be winning the hearts and souls of men, I see this program as a lifeline to all the people that are in dire need of a Savior,” said Harris. “I am so proud of the work this church is doing even in the harshest of times. We know the message must still go forth and we will use any means we can find to spread it.”

The members of the Amarillo Church truly enjoy participating in this new ministry and look forward to continuing to share what they feel the Lord has inspired and blessed them to do.

By Anna Swingle