Joy In Heaven! Odessa and Big Spring Welcome New Members

February 13, 2024

ODESSA, TEX. – Last fall, the Odessa English and Big Spring Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated several wonderful occasions with baptisms, joyfully welcoming new members into their congregations. Each Sabbath baptism service was marked by the presence of both church and family members who came to show support and witness these significant events.

Abner Razon, pastor of Odessa and Big Spring church, dedicated a substantial amount of his time last year to providing Bible studies to seven individuals, all of whom decided to dedicate their lives to Jesus through baptism. Razon, expressed his delight, stating, “Each of those baptism mornings were glorious, and it was wonderful to see them publicly express their love for the Lord.”

Among those baptized were Jacquiline Musamba from Kenya on Oct. 28, Dora Ameyaw from Ghana on Nov. 25 and Bancroft Haughton from Jamaica on Dec. 9. While Ameyaw had been baptized before and had left the church in her youth, she felt the Holy Spirit impressing her to return. After numerous Bible studies, she made the decision to get rebaptized. Musamba, Ameyaw and Haughton are now proud new members of the Odessa English congregation.

Similarly, in Big Spring, four young siblings—Caleb Luera, Aubrie Luera, Alyssa Luera and Xavier Hodges (pictured)—made the decision to dedicate their lives to the Lord through baptism on Nov. 18. Despite relocating to Abilene, Tex., during the pandemic, Razon continued giving them Bible studies over the phone. As their love for Jesus grew, they chose to ask Christ to lead their lives and be baptized. Despite living away from Big Spring, they regularly visit with their grandparents and have made this church their home. They cherish the Big Spring church family, and it meant a lot to them to be baptized there.

Both churches are thrilled to welcome these individuals and eagerly anticipate witnessing how God will reveal His amazing power in their lives. Razon reflected on the beauty of seeing these individuals hand in hand, surrendering their lives fully to Jesus, stating, “There is truly joy in heaven!”

By Nef Razon