Legacy Givers: Jo Frazier-Meyer and Alice Capps

June 30, 2023

CLIFTON, TEX. – It was an honor to present two symbolic checks to Hector Perez, Lake Whitney Ranch (LWR) director, during the Texas Conference Pathfinder Camporee and Adventurer Family Camp on behalf of two estates: Jo Frazier-Meyer and Alice Capps.

Ministry is taking place at LWR. While on earth, Jesus would preach, teach and heal (Matthew 4:3), LWR strives to do the same. LWR allows the body, mind and spirit to relax and reconnect to God through nature and the Bible, which is conducive to change and character development. 

Some people are investing in youth through the support of our ranch. They want to continue their legacy and further the gospel work here in Texas by including legacy gifts in their estate plans for Texas Conference departments and ministries.

This was the second check for LWR I presented on behalf of the Jo Frazier-Meyer estate. After she retired, she prayed, asking God how she could do more for Him. The Lord gave her a new opportunity, and before she passed away, she arranged to continue the Lord’s work after her death.

Similarly, long-time educator Alice Capps (pictured bottom left) wanted to reach children with the Everlasting Gospel. She did her best as a teacher and missionary to share the love of Christ with her students. But as the years into her retirement progressed, she decided to also support Christian education out in nature through a gift to LWR. In nature and away from so many distractions, we can be more receptive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

LWR in the spring is beautiful with its acreage, landscape and access to water or wildlife. It is special, however, because it has been consecrated to advance the Lord’s work. Baptisms are the highlight of every camporee, summer camp and retreat.

“We appreciate the gifts received at LWR,” Hector Perez, LWR director, shared. “We have so many exciting plans and projects to complete at LWR, and each gift allows us to be closer to reaching those goals.”

“It is an honor to assist our Texas Conference members with their final wishes,” Lynette Ecord, Texas Conference Planned Giving & Trust Services director, shared. “It is rewarding to see the appreciation from the ministry often surprised by the gift. Whether the gift is for evangelism, education, a specific local church or school or LWR, it is furthering God’s work here in Texas.”

Would you like to become a legacy giver? Visit TexasGiving.org, email Trust@txsda.org or call 800.847.2792 to speak with a trust officer. 

You can view the “check” presentations at YouTube.com/TexasAdventist, under Live during the Sabbath morning programs, April 8 and 22, 2023, and April 16, 2022.

By Uzziel Maldonado

Associate Director, Stewardship Coordinator and Trust Officer for the North Texas area for Stewardship | Planned Giving & Trust Services