Making a Difference

Los Ranchos Company Reaches Out to Neighbors
December 5, 2019

ALBUQUERQUE – The Los Ranchos Seventh-day Adventist Company is demonstrating that even small congregations can have an impact in their communities. Los Ranchos has approximately 60 members who are using home improvement, food distribution and other outreach methods to help their neighbors. “We call it ‘church outreach’ because it involves our entire congregation,” said Joe Trujillo, Los Ranchos member. “We recently installed a new water heater that we provided in a neighbor’s house. She was so happy that she came to our Sabbath morning worship service to thank us.”

Installing water heaters and cleaning houses/yards are just some of the ways that Los Ranchos members are lending a hand. They manage a food pantry, participate in the To’Hajiilee Child Hunger initiative which helps the Navajo To'Hajiilee Community School. They also provide care packages to the homeless, coordinate clothing drives and visit hospitals and nursing homes.

“Our goal is to reach and help as many people as we can,” said Trujillo. The Los Ranchos company is demonstrating that outreach is more than preaching and hosting evangelistic meetings and can be accomplished in different ways such as reaching out and showing God’s love through kindness.

By Debby Marquez, Communication Director