Medical Missionary Work in Eureka Springs

October 27, 2022

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK. – The Abundant Health Wellness Center in Eureka Springs, Ark., has been in operation for several years with a couple of Rheumatology doctors, a nurse practitioner and a registered dietician. Recently it came under the direction of Dana West, registered dietician. With the influx of patients and people interested in Medical Missionary work, the Rogers Seventh-day Adventist Church with Rodney Weyer, pastor, have begun a church plant. Approximately 10 people meet each Sabbath at the Abundant Health Wellness Center in Eureka Springs. Two have been baptized. They have recently finished a successful evangelistic series by Rex Frost, retired pastor, in the Cedar Room of the Convention Center in Eureka Springs.

Abundant Health Wellness Center is now offering hydrotherapy treatments, the therapeutic application of water in all its forms, liquid, vapor or solid, to restore health. It involves the use of water for pain-relief, inflammation, treating illnesses, viruses, infections and improving the immune system and circulation. Participants attending Sunny Dawn Acres’ Medical Missionary Training studied reflections in the Ministry of Healing, the blueprint for medical missionary work, program organization and development, hydrotherapy and herbal remedies lab, mental health ministry and enjoyed good ethnic food!

If you would like to be trained in Medical Missionary work, please call Dana West at 417.459.5201 to reserve your room for the next training or visit 

By Nancy Riedesel